Extra Psycho Chickens Rules

Hey Psycho Gamers!

Here are some helpful rules that are frequently asked for that might not already be in your rule book. If you would like to read the full rule book, you can view or download it in PNG form at the bottom of this page.

1. The Psycho Chicken can get you out when it is played AND when it is flipped. If it is flipped then the person in whose hand it was flipped is out.

2. There are 3 Psycho cards. 2 chickens and 1 goose. You can play with them all together, or just play with one. The more you play with, the faster the games will be.

3. When you run out of cards to draw, you can reshuffle all the played cards into a new deck, and continue playing whilst drawing from the new deck.

4. The golden cards in each expansion act the SAME as red power cards. However, they are the only card that can protect you from Psycho Chicken!

5. On your turn you play one of your cards, draw a new one, and ONLY then do you do what the card you played says. When you play a power card, take it back and put it IN FRONT of your hand.

6. Cards in your hand that have been flipped over (besides the Psycho cards) are NOT in play. They must be taken from your hand and played in the middle to be 'in play'.

7. If the Psycho Chicken has not been played or flipped, but you know where it is (by peeking or guessing) then action cards (like swapping cards around) can still apply to it.

8. Card's that refer to punishment are up to the person wielding the card to decide what is classified as a punishment. As in some cases picking up cards can be good or bad, hence players are allowed to decide at that time what is and isn't a punishment.

9. In general, many cards are open to interpretation. You are welcome to discuss with your group how the card's action should be performed if any confusion arises. If you would like the official way any card should be played then you are welcome to ask us below!

10. And finally, for beginners and really really really old people, if the rules seem too complicated for you, we recommend trying a few games without any power cards. Simply take all the power cards (cards outlined in red) out of the deck and play as usual just with the ordinary cards. This will get you used to the basic gameplay and won't cause you to have a heart attack.




If you've got a question or quarrel about any rules or gameplay then feel free to ask away below! 


  • Hi! Loving the game! Does a Fluffy Guard (protection from self inflicted attack) protect you if you flip the chicken?

  • Hello, I was just wondering if you flip a card that says to take another or more turns, and while flipping more cards you flip another card that has the same cause do your turns stack or do you just take the turns you first card says to do. From experience of past games I’ve had times where someone has to flip 10+ cards. Of course that makes the game more intense and it’s all just in the luck of the cards or is it intended to play it another way? Love the game btw

  • I’m seeking the same answer as Jeff. Do you always have to have 3 cards in your hand?

  • When you get Blubby Boy “give one card to someone else” does that mean they can have more than 1 card? Then should you draw a card so you always have 3?
    When you get Mr Gee Knee. “Flip 2 table cards”. Do you do the action or do they just go in pile? Again should you always have three cards?

  • Can fluffyguard protect you from psycho chicken?


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